Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Del Fuegos at the Paradise Rock Club 6/24/11

Simply put, The Del Fuegos rocked the stage at the Paradise from their first song to their last.

The last time I heard them play was some 20 plus years ago at Bunrattys or the Channel or maybe even at the Paradise ( I think I was only about 12 so its hard to remember). The band played as hard and with as much energy this night as they did back then. Non-stop, take-no-prisoners, blow-the roof-off, rock and roll. In other words, they were amazing and they held the heart and soul of each person in the packed club in the palm of their hands.

The whole night was like a trip down memory lane to when music was about standing against a stage in a small club packed with people dancing and singing the words as a your favorite band tore the place up. A time when you could literally reach out and touch the musician and feel their sweat as they played their hearts out (a special thanks to Tom  Lloyd in particular for sharing).

I had forgotten just how much I had missed experiencing music like that. The Paradise is one of those clubs that has survived through the years and it was the perfect place for The Del Fuegos to reunite. The combination was genius and as a fan of both the club and the band I can say it was a night that will bring a smile to my face for many years to come.

Dinner with the band and family before the show at Jasper White's Summer Shack on Dalton Street was very cool and the food was amazing.
I learned that one should ask for a doggie bag though as stuffing extra deserts in a camera bag while jumping into the van with Dan and Tom is not as good an idea as it seemed at the time.

It was great to spend some time with the band before the show and catch up on many of the musicians that we all know from various bands. What struck me most during dinner and the ride over was the attitude of everyone involved in this reunion. This night was not about limos and 5 star hotels and green M&M's in the dressing room it was about 5 guys getting together to do what they do best for a cause that helps people help themselves ( There were no egos and attitudes to be found, just smiles and hugs and a tremendous energy from beginning to end.

It was, I must say, a huge honor to be a small part of that night and I'm looking forward to the next time the band takes the stage and shows how rock and roll is meant to be played.

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