Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's 2011? Really???

Okay, so for those of you that have been keeping track I have not written in this Blog since June of 2009.

I apologize to all the readers (both of you) that have been waiting by their computers patiently for the next thrilling installment of all the edge-of-your-seat adventures I have been on since 2009.

It's not that I am lazy when it comes to writing in this blog but more a matter of my thinking that the chances of somebody sitting down and reading this is about as likely as having people line up to drive me to the airport.

So, instead, I have decided to look at making entries in this blog as more of an advice column than a "Hey, look what I did today," kind of thing. And when I say "advice" I mean it more in the terms of what not to do as opposed to great words of wisdom delivered in a Charlton Heston kinda voice advising you to build an Ark and grab some raingear.

In order to catch up to the present I am going to do a sort of Readers Digest version
of the last year or so (or maybe just the last couple of months if I lose energy).
Since most of '09 is a blur I will just ramble on about 2010 as best as I can remember...

Spent a couple of weeks in Hawaii shooting a wedding and working on a poster for Johnny A. that we shot literally 2 days before we left. LSK spent some serious potential beach time working on the final product to meet the deadline but the end result was worth it and I have to say that it is still one of my favorite shots ever.

Came back to a variety of different shoots ranging from some very cool weddings with amazing couples to music events at
The Foundation Room at the House of Blues, to the stage build at Fenway Park for the Aerosmith/J. Geils concert, to shooting Bad Company at the BoA Pavilion

This is the kind of stuff that I live for. Incredible music with some amazing people. Even got kicked out of the hotel bar with Johnny A. and some of the Bad Co members. Ended up hanging out in guitarist Mick Ralph's room the rest of the night with JA and Billy Loosigian. Very cool stuff just like the old days...

Also started a great working relationship with Jon Butcher and Charlie Farren as they launched their FBI (Farren Butcher, Inc) project as well as the amazing Ayla Brown as she rocked the Country music scene with her band. I am looking forward to a long and creative relationship with them all and I am honored that they have chosen me to record the images that they want to present to their fans.

I'm realizing as I write this that this blogging stuff is very close to work. I have just scratched the surface of 2010 and my fingers are cramping and I'm wondering what might be on cable. I'm really glad that I decided to skip 2009 or I would be knee deep in Red Bull cans and Oreos about now.

Tune in tomorrow (or maybe the day after) as I continue to get caught up and work the kinks out of this writing thing. Over and out.

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